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Our School Curriculum

Above all, we want to enthuse our children to pursue the subjects that they begin to learn with us, in their continuing journey through their education and their lives. We equip them with skills and knowledge to be able to do this.

At St Mark's we ensure a wider curriculum, which gives opportunities to practise and develop skills in real and exciting situations and be given opportunities for development of character resilience and creativity.

The way we organise the curriculum is so that pupils learn incrementally and this is set out in the documents for each subject. Learning across subjects is linked where we feel links are beneficial and real.

All of our children have access to the full National Curriculum and you will see a link to the original documents at the foot of this page.

To find out about our curriculum, click on the subject area in the list below.





Our wider curriculum

File icon: pdf At St mark's I will learn.... [pdf 290KB] Click to download

Access our subjects here.

Early Years Curriculum

File icon: pdf Early Years intent at St Mark's [pdf 303KB] Click to download

Key stage 1 & 2 curriculum 


You can access a list of recommended reading books on our Reading page.

Calculations policy for KS1 and KS2

File icon: pdf Surrey Plus Calculation Guidance [pdf 902KB] Click to download

Religious Education

We are waiting for the new Agreed Syllabus and so this area is under development.


Access the National Curriculum Document below for more detailed information.

File icon: pdf NATIONAL CURRICULUM DOCUMENT [pdf 2MB] Click to download