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Religious Education KS2

As a Cornish school, we use the Cornwall Agreed Syllabus. Through building on what has been learned at KS1, learning about religion and from religion pupils extend their understanding of Christianity and other main world religions. They learn about key elements of faith and the effects of faith on the life of the believer. When possible, we will take children to places of worship including our local church and chapel and, travelling a bit further afield, places of worship for other religions such as the synagogue in Plymouth. They will also meet members of different faith communities. The aim is for children by the end of KS2 to be able to be equipped to with a basic understanding of major world religions and have respect for different beliefs, while at the same time having developed a sense of their own beliefs and values.

Alongside explicit teaching of RE, we use Philosophy for Children (P4C) as a tool for helping children to think about the bigger questions and for developing their analytical thinking skills.