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Reading at St Mark’s

Reading is the key to developing an understanding of the world around us and human nature. It allow us to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves. It can give information to use in all aspects of life and open up creative responses through information texts, stories, plays, poetry and more…….
Reading plays a vital role in developing skills across the curriculum for example, following instructions to make or do things, researching in books and online.
Reading is therefore central to our curriculum. Pupils are taught, through reading, about different genres of writing and their features and purposes such as reading a recipe to cook, journalistic writing and a report in Science. They have the opportunity to use their skills both to show and develop their learning across the curriculum.
Through the books pupils read and have read to them, they find out about different places and historical periods, visit fantasy worlds and get to know imaginary characters while reflecting on their own responses to this.
Daily reading from a stimulating library, which is supported by adults in school and at home, ensures development of skills and confidence. We want our pupils to be keen readers with a love of books for what they offer in terms of how they can teach you about the world, alter your thinking and the feelings they can evoke.

Directly access a list of reading books recommended for children in each year group. Many of these will be available in your local library and book shops.