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Class 2's page

Class 2 picked apples from the nature reserve to make crumbles, then we delivered them to people in the village who may not be able to get out or may not see anyone in a day.

After a democratic vote, all of class 2 chose to deliver the crumbles instead of a P.E. lesson! (They do love P.E.)

They all seemed very happy to see us and hopefully enjoyed their special treat.


Class 2 Topic letter  Autumn 2019

File icon: pdf Class 2 topic letter Autumn 2019 year A [pdf 879KB] Click to download

Hedging Project

Class 2 have been given the opportunity to be part of a very special Cornish hedging project this half term.

The whole project is called “Kerdroya”, which means labyrinth in Cornish. The project leaders are working with schools in areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to repair/start Cornish hedges using traditional techniques and local rocks.

Cornish hedges are made from stone and earth, the earth goes on to provide a habitat for plants and animals and the structure can last for thousands of years.

Class 2 have had a workshop in school and the next stage is to actually work at the hedging site, with an expert Cornish hedge builder. They will each lay a stone so will be leaving a legacy!

Once the project is complete, a labyrinth will be created on Bodmin Moor using stones and techniques from each of the areas.

Try out Maths Chase via the link below this is a fun way to learn times tables.

External Link Icon Maths Chase
Fun tables games for KS2