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Hedging Project

Class 2 have been given the opportunity to be part of a very special Cornish hedging project this half term.

The whole project is called “Kerdroya”, which means labyrinth in Cornish. The project leaders are working with schools in areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty to repair/start Cornish hedges using traditional techniques and local rocks.

Cornish hedges are made from stone and earth, the earth goes on to provide a habitat for plants and animals and the structure can last for thousands of years.

Class 2 have had a workshop in school and the next stage is to actually work at the hedging site, with an expert Cornish hedge builder. They will each lay a stone so will be leaving a legacy!

Once the project is complete, a labyrinth will be created on Bodmin Moor using stones and techniques from each of the areas.

Reasons for visiting Lundy.

Painting in the style of Alfred Wallis who was a cornish fisherman.

Caught reading!

Everyone enjoys a reading moment.

Summer term information letter

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the Summer Term in Class 2.

In Literacy we will cover instructions, recounts (of trips), poetry related to oceans and historically set stories linking to the Romans topic. Throughout these genres we will be teaching grammar and weekly spellings and tests will continue on Fridays.

In Mathematics Miss Nesham will teach calculation strategies and the number system while Miss Clark focuses on statistics, position and direction, geometry, measures and fractions. Weekly multiplication tests will continue on Wednesdays.

In Science we are learning about plants and animals and their habitats focusing on the woodland/hedgerow and pond/beach. Trips before half term will support this learning with Y2 visiting the beach and Y3 visiting Lundy Island. We will use our grounds as much as possible and will visit the Community Centre to litter-pick in the local area. We are hoping to be involved in a local project on hedges so will let you know via the newsletter if this is possible. Year 3 will learn about the different parts of plants and their functions, including pollination and seed dispersal.

After half term we move onto nutrition in animals, including humans and reproduction. Nearer the time we will send out details about coverage, which is different for the two year groups.

In RE we are looking at Christianity in the local area which will include finding out more about features of a Church and Shop Chapel. We will learn about Parson Hawker.

In Geography Miss Clark will focus on map and fieldwork skills, developing the picture of the local area, the UK and the world. After half term the History focus will be Romans and particularly their lasting effect on Britain.

Art will focus on colour mixing with paint in the first half term, moving on to link with Geography and Literacy to create imaginary maps. We will explore combinations of different textiles and then mosaics and use of levers in DT linking with the Roman topic.

In Computing the class will be learning image manipulation and e-safety, mainly looking at searching safely and using these skills to make posters.

Mrs Heard will develop recorder skills and will then teach songs about Romans.

French will begin simple descriptions of family members and move on to clothes. Colours and numbers will be revised as part of this.

In PE we will be developing tennis and athletic skills in the first half term and cricket and gymnastics with a focus on teambuilding.

In PSHE we will continue to follow the 1 Decision programme focusing on Healthy Living and  Relationships  Education which will link with Science.

We are looking forward to a happy and busy term!

The Class 2 Team

Looking for pollen.

Try out Maths Chase via the link below this is a fun way to learn times tables.

External Link Icon Maths Chase
Fun tables games for KS2

We have been making electrical circuits. It was great fun getting the buzzer to make a noise. We all hoped it would make Miss Nesham jump.

We love learning about things by looking at books in our library.

Clay tealight making.

Creativity with clay.

Our work on colours in french.

Our divali tealight holders which we created with clay and then painted.

Indian art.

First we produced pencil drawings.

Then we used Brusho to add vibrant colour.

Class 2 philosophy