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Welcome to Class 2

Our days are very busy, filled with learning opportunities. 

We really enjoy our french lessons.

We can feel the rythm of our music.

Robot making!

We have been building robots in our DT lessons in Class 2. They were great fun to make but we had to make some alterations to our designs to get them to run smoothly.


After several design modifications it's great to succeed. Perseverance always pays off in the end!

We have created coil pots by rolling long sausages of clay and then 'coiling' the clay around, to create a pot shape, then smoothing the pot shape to seal the coils together and create a better pot. This was the technique used during 'the stone age' which has been part of our history topic.

Recycling Centre at Bodmin

Our trip to the Recycling Centre was very informative. There was so much we didn't know was involved in recycling! We have produced some information sheets during our literacy lessons and these are some examples of our work.

Cooking is definitely a favourite especially when we can eat the results!

We do some very strange things in science lessons!

Thursday 19th April 2018

Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome to the Summer Term in Class 2!

Our Literacy will link with topics as much as possible and will cover story, non-chronological reports, recounts, instructions and poetry. Spelling tests will start again and will be on Fridays so please ensure books are brought in and spellings are practised at home.

In Mathematics we will be continuing with times tables learning with tests on Wednesdays. Mrs Ryan is focusing on measures (including time), geometry and position and direction and statistics. Miss Nesham will focus on developing confident use of all four operations and understanding the number system.

This term in Science we are learning about Life Processes including skeletons and movement in humans and other animals and habitats, food, digestion and teeth. We are starting with a focus on handwashing. There is a clear link with Personal. Social and Health Education and after half term there will be Relationships and Sex Education. There will be more detail about this nearer the time.

In music we are listening to “Peter and the Wolf” and thinking about different instruments and compositions to represent different animals and after half term we will continue to learn to play an instrument.

In History we are learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages. We will be experimenting with Art and DT related to these topics and learning different brush techniques, to create a picture from a sketch, to combine digital art with other media and to make coil pots. We will also learn about the work of different artists.

In the second half term we have a (free) Science trip to Bodmin Recycling Centre and a local beach clean. These visits will lead to lots of different writing including recounts, non-chronological reports and poetry. In Geography we will be learning about the local and global environment in the context of litter/pollution and community action and will be using and making maps.

In ICT we are handling data, creating art work and learning about safety and security online.

In French we will be asking for items in shops and learning to talk about pets.

PE will be dance for the first half term then gymnastics and athletics and cricket outdoors.

Our values are Respect and Compassion which link well with the pollution/beach clean work.


Please ask if you have any questions or queries.

The Class 2 Team