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Welcome to Class 3

On Tuesday we went on a trip to Quince's Honey Farm. We learnt a lot of very interesting things about bees and will be writing about our experience over the next few days. We will share some of our writing with you when we have finished it. We have also been learning a new song called 'Buzzin' which we really love singing.

But we thought you might like to know some of our comments :

I loved the play area.

Eating yummy honey was my favourite bit.

The Queen Bees have white dots on them so everyone knows its the queen.

The Queen was also bigger.

We made candles by warming up sheets of beeswax and then rolling it up with a wick inside.

Bees are very important for pollinating plants - no bees, no chocolate!

We got the honey out of the comb and everyone had a pot to bring home.

We saw some baby bees being born.

One of the hatching cells was different and we found out this was called a Queen Cup and the new bee that would hatch would be a new queen bee.

There are over 300 species of bee. Bees have 5 eyes.

We had an amazing day at Quince Honey Farm.

We learnt how to make candles out of beeswax.

We learnt about which seeds to plant to encourage bees into our gardens.

We learnt that bees are important when we want to grow fruit and veg.

We even met some reptiles.

They didn't feel like I thought they would!

Summer Term Letter 2017

Dear Parents/Carers,

Throughout the summer term the topic is – The Sea. The children will be learning about Grace Darling as a significant historical figure, the work of the RNLI and writing a non – chronological report in Literacy. Year 2 will be writing the story of Grace Darling and following this up with their own adventure stories. This fits nicely with the RE topic of ‘People who help us’ and we have set the classroom up as a vets, later we will change this into a doctors surgery.

Children will making sculpture in forest school based around the story of ‘The Green Ship’ by Quinten Blake. Alongside the sea-side theme the children will be learning about the life cycles in the first half of the term and Materials in the second half of the term.

Our main focus for PSHE is related to our values. Children will be learning about taking care of the world and each other (making and maintaining good relationships) and also keeping themselves safe in the sun and out and about. In ICT we are practising our key board skills and learning more about e-safety.

In Maths we revisit all areas of calculation as well as shape, measures and statistics.

Yours sincerely,


The Class 3 Team