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World Maths Day

Everyone loves playing maths games and today we enjoyed sharing our games with someone from another year group. The whole school sharing their love of maths a brilliant way to celebrate World Maths Day.

Fun things going on after school!

Some of us have been creating terrariums for our cactus plants.

Our Youth Speaks team

We are very proud of our youth speak's team who took part in the Bude area competition last Thursday evening. The team's talk was all about animal cruelty and was delivered in a very professional way. 

It is a daunting experience to stand up in front of a roomful of strangers and deliver a speech and answer questions. They delivered their speech with only an occasional referal to their notes and appeared to be very confident (even if they didn't feel it)! 

Well done, your St. Mark's family are very proud of you.

Our Year 6s have been lucky enough to have some emergency first aid training in the last few weeks. 

This is our updated year planner for the rest of this school year. There have been some changes so it may be helpful to have a look. The next few weeks are very busy at school as you can see.

File icon: pdf 2nd half Autumn 19 year planner [pdf 427KB] Click to download

Operation Encompass


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Recently, Cornwall Police began to work with schools in Cornwall by letting the school know, before 9am the following school morning, if there has been a callout to a domestic abuse report at the home of one of their pupils at any time in the past 24 hours (or during a weekend or holiday). This is to enable us to support the child in school and to be aware that it is likely they have had a disturbed night. We would then follow our usual safeguarding procedures as appropriate.